Slutty Pheromones

But, there are other girls who I didn’t mention who did have boyfriends who like pheromones. Like the girl from the loony bin I mentioned. We fucked in the back of her jeep. When it was all done, I was ready to go again and asked if we could go back to her place, and she kept telling me how her “brother” would kill me. Pretty sure she had a boyfriend, but none of her story made sense. There is another girl… she was a trust fund baby, had a balling ass apartment, but was bat shit crazy. She was kind of gross and love my pheromone scent, she would always get shots of tequila and had this little sequel of salt hot sauce drink lime and the hot sauce at this place is just down right nasty. Surprisingly because it’s the most expensive bar in the area. Learn more at

Anyways I don’t remember the order but you think a girl licking things would be sexy but it wasn’t. I think she had a couple boyfriends, actually I know it. I facebooked her but didn’t add her and she had this blog and talked about how she went on two dates in the same night, and both dates took her to the same place. She was a good writer actually, the stories were entertaining even though they only further confirmed her skankiness with true pheromones. My best friends girl could be an incidence, but she was just a whore. I didn’t even do anything. I was actually a pretty big dick anytime I was around her. The twenty year old was talking to some other guy, but he had no game so he wasn’t hard to push out the picture with natural pheromones. But I strongly get the feeling your not totally in love with yourself(and I don’t mean narcacism) I mean self-acceptance of your pheromone odor. The reason I say this is the fact you DRANK so much alcohol! I really really suggest you to read the way of the superior man! I feel like your closing off to some of these girls and have a hard time openening up, are you sure your not emotionally scarred and just fuck woman and not let it grow to anything bigger? I recommend once again to check out that book, READ IT re-read it LIVE it breath it with real pheromones. Other then that, some of these girls are very pretty! But I noticed a deep connection with a woman is so much more worth then just banging as many girls as I want. Also, but this is my opinion. Stop refering to woman as sluts, even when they have sex alot. This double edgded sword is something I hate personally in society, what’s wrong with girls liking sex pheromones? I referred to one woman as a whore. Ok 2. One I had no bias. The other I did, she made moves on her b/f’s best friend. To me… that’s a slut. Learn more at